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Domestic Services

Structural Survey/Property Survey

A detailed examination of the building by an experienced professional, usually prior to purchasing, to identify any defects or compliance issues. The final report describes the condition of the property and makes recommendations to remedy any defects or areas of disrepair. A budget cost can also be provided to remedy all significant areas of disrepair or regulation breaches.

Snag List

A comprehensive report on a newly built / refurbished home itemising, together with images, any incomplete or poorly constructed work and identifying any breaches in Building Regulations. The snag list should be compiled prior to the completion by the builder and is the one opportunity for the purchaser to get any remaining or sub-standard work completed to the required level of finish.

Certification / Inspections

We can provide Certificates of Compliance with Planning Permission and Building Regulations and also Certificates of Identity. These certificates are required for all new build work and for any alteration, addition or extension work to an existing property to ensure that all works have been carried out in accordance with planning permission granted and relevant building regulations. We can also provide a inspection/monitoring service for a client who requires the building works to be inspected for the Bank/Building Society with a view to issuing a Certificate or Compliance on completion. Normally we carry out 4/5 site visits at agreed stages of construction e.g. foundations, substructure/ wall plate level, roof level and practical completion.

Mortgage Valuation Reports

This report is prepared on behalf of the client at the request of their lending institution to ensure that the property is adequate security for the loan.

Site Services / SCR

Site testing & characteristic reports can be produced for once off domestic treatment systems in relation to suitability of percolation areas and percolation testing.

Mapping / Land Registry

Maps suitable for Land Registry purposes can be prepared on Auto Cad for all aspects of property transfer. We can also assist clients in the identification of boundary lines which may be in dispute and offer advice on how to proceed in relation to damage to boundary by works on adjoining sites or issues with right of way for example.

Accident & Report Surveys

We carry out these reports in order to assist in loss assessing & also for litigation purposes.

Site Contamination

Design and supervision of replacement structures that have been affected by site contamination e.g. oil spills ,toxic waste, etc.

Energy Audit

Energy Audit-On request a comprehensive Energy Audit can be commissioned on a property to assess its Primary Energy Use and CO2 emissions. Recommendations can then be made for energy conservation options and costings provided for the various options